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This website is all about inspirational songs when you need just that extra bit of a lift to get you up and going.

Whether you're having a slow day and need an inspiring song to get you into a work mood. Or you need some motivational songs to pump you up before taking part in a sports match you'll find the best inspirational songs here.

What You'll Find

You will find here 30 of the best and most uplifting and inspiring music and songs sure to kick you into gear. Stock up your music player with these songs so you can get pumped up whenever you need to.

Music is often the easiest way to change your mood very quickly. You can go from lethargic to excited if you pick just the right song for the moment.

All the top 10 motivating songs also have videos of the music next to them to save you time from having to look for them and get you motivated even faster!

The songs here are to help you, if you have other inspirational songs that work for you mix them in with the ones here as well into your personal playlist. Ok so let's start getting some inspiration...

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